Electricity and telephone wooden poles + other top-quality wooden products

All our products meet the highest quality standards, which guarantees a good competitive edge on the market. We invest in the procurement of raw materials, continuous development of the manufacturing processes and the quality control of the end product. High customer satisfaction is not a coincidence – it is the result of long-standing work, and solid skills and competence, which we are particularly proud of as a family business.

  • Electricity poles: debarked, peeled, impregnated wooden poles (Tanalith – E)
  • Telephone poles: debarked, peeled, impregnated wooden poles (Tanalith – E)
  • Top-quality pine butt logs
  • Piles
  • Semi-finished products: door and window frames, stair steps and glued boards
  • Mulch
  • Lathe chips